Howdy Frends ! Last time I had left on a note that I will continue with more on the Atyachar! But this time around, it isn’t really about the atyachar bit! It’s about the games people play in the name of love!

I didn’t realize I had so much variable things to say on this! I had to work on the draft 20 times to finally get this unlike my usual 1st or 2nd take!!  :-)

So when I initially said the games people play, I was pretty much thinking of the “Emotional Atyachar” episode where everyone is playing their own card to get what they want! Some girls were wanna be models just looking for an opportunity for a breakthrough or the guys just trying to add another feather to their cap of achievements! It really didn’t matter!

What got me thinking was have relationships today become just a means to an end? What the end is…I still haven’t figured that out! But do we choose our partners more with our mind than with our heart? And even if we were to choose with our mind, measuring everything to the T, does it guarantee a good relationship? Does that keep us happy and satisfied? Satisfied enough not to venture out for something more enticing and exciting?

In India, we have been cultured to take marriages as a lifelong commitment….come what may! Hamari bharatiya sanskriti !!  But what is the essence of marriage, if people in the marriage are not happy with each other? Divorce here is only justified in cases of dowry, physical violence, infidelity or such major issues! What about reasons like I am not in love anymore” or I am bored of this relationship” or “I have fallen in love with someone else? I am sure you must be saying… This is crazy or frivolous or ridiculous!” Well……This is the free mind speaking.

Lately I have come across so many couples where they are not happy in their relationship/marriage, but nobody dares to think of ending it! Why…mainly because of the social stigma…and the biggest reason being the child they bore together!! So we all carry on with our unhappy lives, putting on the mask of “perfection” and carrying on with our drag and unfulfilled life! Has anyone of us ever questioned who laid down the rules and who says that there can be no other way? Aren’t rules meant to be broken? Don’t we have the right to be happy or seek happiness? Tough question there ! relationship at the end of the day just a game that all of us love to play but then it’s one game which has no end and has no winners or losers? Or on second thoughts. I think both parties are losers! lol!!

Love, SK

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