I got an interesting insight while talking to my sister, during one of our “philosophical” discussions!

I had asked her if it is wrong to want to be happy and go after whatever makes you happy! And here is what she had to say…..

I quote her -

“I firmly believe, and that belief convinced me to the core – the conclusion of  ’can someone find true happiness’ is NO. It’s as simple as that! No one can truly ever be happy. We need to choose to be happy…and out of all the quotes on life and happiness, this one I undoubtedly think is by far the most truthful! It’s just the bitter truth – we need to be happy within the imperfections.

If you have been unhappy for too long… it’s not because your life isn’t treating you right at the moment..it’s because you let yourself be unhappy! Changes will bring you temporary happiness but very soon you’ll find flaws in them too…it’s just human nature!

When man has no real afflictions he invents some! We are the most fu**** up species! Every good thing comes with a price… insanity is the price we pay for intelligence! I believe we should accept what we can’t change..and change what we can’t accept! But believe me – some changes are just aren’t worth it! Only because…we make the change, seeking bliss…bliss which doesn’t last !
One thinks that he is where he is now, because of his past decisions, which might have been wrong! 10 years from now, the decision he makes today will make him wonder the same!

Where ever you will stand 5 yrs from now… you’ll still keep looking for what you are searching now. We are trapped, that is true…but not by the social norms or ethics…we are just prisoners of our own thoughts….and we will be! You just gotta control your mind, don’t let it control you!”

She goes on to say that life is like a mirage…you always see things you want to see out there, standing here; but the moment you walk up to it to get it, you realize that, it never existed and just isn’t there! So you start searching for something new and again you might see it, not realizing that it could eventually lead you to the same circumstances that you are trying to leave behind!

Yeah, my 21 year old sister makes me feel like a child at times! :D

She has a great mind …can’t really blame her…guess it runs in the family!! Lol

Having listened to what she had to say, I got entangled in a new contemplation! Does that mean that you stop seeking? You forgo the quest in you? You let go of that inner self satisfaction?

Hmm…..let me mull over that for now….till I come back with more …

Love.. SK

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