Tiger Tiger Burning Bright..Tiger Tiger burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
could frame thy fearful symmetry?

The above lines happen to be an excerpt from the famous poem by William Blake – ‘ The Tiger ‘. He’s literally burning so to speak – the tiger I mean.

As irony would have it, king of the jungle is our national animal but only 1411 of them are left now. Pity it is, but isn’t it expected?

Hockey.. Tiger.. anything common? Well no prizes for guessing – one is the national game and other – the national animal of our nation. Reference to the game of hockey might seem a little absurd when everyone is crying foul over the disappearing tigers, but it’s not. Think about it – both are national treasures (really ??) but are treated as rags.

Coming back to tigers – It’s not them who are doing the disappearing act but we mortals who’ve forgot to value our national treasures.

When a common man (mind it – common man) looses his or her life – does it really matter. When we do not value life of our people, what worth are our national treasures? Ask me – nothing.

Not that it’s not worth a cause to fight, write, blog, talk or discuss – but ain’t it time to look at the bigger picture? Life – human or otherwise is something we need to begin appreciating.

Let’s begin caring for tigers.. I hope someday we begin valuing human life as well.. Please join the roar

.. Anupam

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