Having listened to what my sister had to say on Happiness (refer to “Mirage..“) and wanting to be happy…and somewhat agreeing to what she said…I knew there was something missing to it!

It is true that we need to find happiness in whatever we have rather than seek more and more…and that there is no end to seeking….but….

Before SunriseBefore SunsetI was watching this movie called Before Sunset (which is a sequel to Before Sunrise) and the things that they had to say throughout the movie was very interesting, and I guess very close to what I feel in lot of ways.

So coming back to wants and desires…is it bad to want more and to desire more?

In Hinduism and in Buddhism, our saints say that liberation from the worldly desires is the first step to Moksha. But what if I dont want Moksha? If I was not the kinds looking for a soulful life? Wouldn’t life be dull and boring with nothing to drive you becasue…. you want nothing? If we had no goals and ambitions in life, wouldn’t we be stagnant? The technical revolution that we have witnessed at this age…would it be there if the scientists and researchers did not feel the need to explore more ?

Desires is the fuel of life…. (an excerpt from Before Sunset)

So, What is happiness ?

I would have said it is the feeling of contentment that you get after you have achieved what you Happiness ?? What is it ?set out for yourself or after getting what you wanted! But in the movie I came across a better way to say it… it said Happiness is not in the result or achievement, but in the doing !

Which, come to think of it, is exactly what it is! It doesnt matter whether you win or lose, what matters is the fact that you tried! That is contentment…and that is Happiness !! And now….. that is exactly what I am going to do… :-)

…. Love, SK

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