I thought I’m the only crazy guy around till I came across Babban on facebook today (4 Feb 2010). Babban’s “For Adams only” is his shop where he grooms men – in style. 

‘Krazy Korner’ is a new section I’m introducing today on InspiredSpirits.net where I’ll be sharing crazy ideas of crazy people. These are folks who are driven by passion in whatever they say and do. Guess I’m not the only one around ;-) .. Anupam

For Adams Only.. by Babban

Hi I'm Babban.. Owner of 'For Adams Only'

One line about me is – I am a good guy with holy intentions. When I was a small boy growing up in the village, I had gone to the local hair cutter. He cut my hair so badly that people at my school and gully started eve teasing me. That day I thought bussss I will grow up and become hair stylist. Cut guys hair and make them good looking heroes. So I have been cutting hair and giving free massages to man, two man at a time and boys. So that is my story and that is what I am. With a scissor in my left hand and a comb on my right, I do the world’s most important job, I cut hair. 

For Adams Only is my saloon. That is the room in which I groom all men. It is as holy as my intentions. It is my space where I rule with a scissor and a comb in my hand. For Adams Only is very close to my heart and has a toilet attached with it. There are many people who have cut their hair here. I have done so many things, some good things and some bad things to get this place. I mean bad things like selling my father’s 2 buffaloes. 

Ram & Pyaari were so close to my father, but it is ok. For Adams Only makes more money than Ram and Pyaari and their joint venture milk would give :-)  

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