No it’s not about reasons on how and why to save our environment etc. Nor is it about it’s history. This section is about the places we love or have been some time or the other. I’m sure you have such a place in mind as well. Want to share your experiences? I’m all game – drop me a note at
Places in India

Places  in India  - what to do, how to reach, what not to do, tips, preparations, where to stay, what to enjoy, what to avoid etc. etc. – if you wish to plan your trip to any of these places, these pages act as a perfect guide – and the authors are always happy to help if need be ! Just drop them an email and they’ll get back to you asap. Also if you want to write up about a place not covered yet, go ahead !Read on ..

Places outside India

Impressions of visits to places outside India. Not the best travel guides, but very valuable insights on do’s and dont’s. Mostly these are 1st visit impressions and help folks prepare for that 1st ever visit to the place. More to come in near future – if you want to write up as well about a place not covered yet – go ahead and get your keyboard steaming !Read on..

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