It’s not only born poets who have a flair for rhyme, some human beings tend to display this quality too !! And no, we’re not talking about Bryan Adams here :) Since it’s inception, has been fortunate to be blessed with inputs from some worthy writers & poets in the making from our species. I’m sure there are more getting ready to board the bus and take it to Cloud # 9. More the merrier. Read on and if you want contribute as well – send your stuff to
Kamalpreet Mann

My Baby & I – A mother’s perspective and aspirations for her unborn child.. How her husband and her family support her during these times..Narrated Direct Dil Se !!

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Gourab Ghosal

A young second generation Indian in the US was asked by his mother to explain the significance of “Diwali” to his younger brother, this is how he went about it…Check out

SK (Anonymity requested)

This is dedicated to all those who have been questioning LIFE and trying to find answers!It’s all noted here with an open mind, with no judgments on views! I say, let the mind flow…

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Nitesh Ralhan 

Abey Chal na out hai…Yaar main nahi khel raha Tikka cheating kar raha hai…Abey mar mar bowling end…O pure 20 rupay lagey hain mere…batting puri loonga.

Do you hear all this…Hmmm reminds us of the days we used to play cricket on streets ..Go down the memory lane -

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Abhishek Parashar

The Cab @ 8 – “Shitt man!!!”, I shouted. “What Happened?” was the obvious question from the people around me including Mr. Sharma, my manager.”Well, nothing. Forget it”, I tried to give a lame excuse to that gossip seeking bunch of people called – ‘my team’. Now, how could I have told them that my new found love, just for whom I have stretched my shift by 2 hours already, is not taking the cab at 8..Read on..

Rohit Johar

My attempt to write.. Yes it’s in Hindi :) But don’t worry there’s an english translation available on the link as well.. it might not rhyme as the Hindi one does, but nevertheles..Read on..

Garima Arora

Excerpts from my collection of poems & thoughts over the years.. keep watching out my page for more :) Read on..

Saurabh Vaish

Mr Vaish tries his hand at poetry. He has not yet disclosed who this girl is but hope he finds her soon and then ‘they live happily ever after’.. LOLRead on..

Kartik Gupta (Cheeku)

Oh come on ! Now don’t go about saying “He’s too young”, “This can’t be true”, “This is a fluke” etc etc. Now if you folks began late in your lives that’s not my fault, is it? Go on read and if you have something in you go about writing your own stuff :-p.
Thanks Chachu for posting this for me. You’re the best ! :) Read on..

Robbie Sodhi

DISCLAIMER: If any of the views expressed in this post offends someone or pisses off somebody enough to make them want to kill me….i DIDNT DO IT ! It was the voices in my head…..mujhe MAAF kar do, dont place a fatwa on me or stab me with a Trishul, it would be highly appreciated.Read on..

Pradeep Nair

Humble at work and a “I’ll never say no” kind of a guy. Well we never knew he’ll be opening up a whole new page on the site. I have to say – he needs a big PUSH to get his pen loosing some ink, but when it does here’s what it does..Read on..

Anindita Sarkar

Accents & cultures fill her plate and perfect language is her benchmark. We thought it’s only the training department that’s her playground.
But how wrong we were. She has squeezed poetry out of something as remote as a Green Belt training !!Read on..

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