I have called u several times, But where were u?

I have written many times to u, But u didn’t reply,

I have seen u many times, But u never looked at me,

I have stood before u many times, But u did not notice me,

I have bothered a lot about u, But u were unaware of it,

I have enjoyed the dreams about u, But I was not there in your dreams,

I have made a color picture of urs, But the artist in u made a
faded picture of mine,

I have followed ur footsteps a long way, But I could not trace u,

I have search all around for u, But even ur shadow was not there,

I have a bit of hope about u, But I know u won’t come to me,

I have to continue the search for u, But u can’t comprehend why?

I have to answer the question instead, But will u understand that WHY?
Love – Tulika..

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