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I thought I’m the only crazy guy around till I came across 17 more like minded folks from different spheres of life. It all began as a thought to celebrate my birthday last year a bit differently. Every year it had been partying with friends, spending money on treats, gifts from near and dear ones, favorite dishes @ home and so on.

Folks at home and I decided to celebrate it with a meaning. Well we got late. Better late than never – we did it on this Valentine’s Day @ Nai Disha (School for under-privileged children), Sec 29, Noida. Boy what a day it was. We were exhausted but at the same time excited like never before. With 226 inquisitive and excited kids participating in the art competition and some of my friends and family to cheer, it was about to be just what the doctor ordered for the day..


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Seemed just like yesterday when we celebrated Valentine’s day @ Nai Disha, Sec 29, Noida.Santosh (aka Babu) had been there and was now inspired to host a similar event. Great minds think alike as they say and we worked together to shape his thoughts and get them in real world.We thought of no better day to host this event than on the occasion of Holi (1 March 2010). However it being a holiday we preponed it to 27th Feb 2010.

What fun it was – numerous people to support us and around 250 kids all full of excitement. We had anticipated around 100 kids
but as it turned out, drawing and painting happen to be still the ‘in’ thing.


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