The Bold & The BeautifulSince the time my memory can turn back its clock to, I remember having heard and read hundreds of stories … and loads of them mostly were about love. During childhood, it was the kings and queens and the princes and the princesses. Then were the Nancy Drew and Ned chapters, and as teenage years unfolded, came the time of Mills & Boon! And then of course the movies and soap shows…how can I miss out THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Right from my girlhood days, I had a vision of love as something to completely sweep me off my feet, by someone tall-dark-handsome-prince like….and live life HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Hadn’t really known that reality is always much more shocking !!

Nobody swept me off my, didn’t find any royal princes, or the chivalrous knights! And then as adult, realised that earth shattering sex was only a myth!! I still don’t know if rocking sex life is more important or love? This has been a topic which always gets out a heated debate among my friends and I!! And NO… cannot comment on this till you have had a “rock bottom” sex life yourself! :)

What also still baffles me are the life- long pledges that people take! “Love you forever”, “saat janmon ka saath”, “tumhare begair jee nahi sakti”, “till death do us apart”. I guess the list can go on and on! I would like to know from my readers – if anyone has ever experienced such love? I wish I could ask the group who are 60+ at this stage, coz i am sure they would be able to answer the “love forever” bit….and also explain me the “sleeping in separate beds after 50” syndrome ! :)

So coming back to the point, when we are in love, do we really feel like love is life and death, or do we just believe that we feel like that? Isn’t love again just a different perception of our feelings? No wonder, when we misread our feelings, we sometimes THINK we are in love, when we actually may not be! And for the times when we have truly recognised our feelings to be love, does this feeling last forever…for years and years? Or do we really over-dramatise our feelings?

At least after a few torrid affairs, I am still alive and very much rocking! I don’t know what happened to the “kasme vaade” !!

Why do we also forget that there is this other kind of love too…between parents & child, friends, siblings, dogs and me !! We never take vows with them, take pheras, sign any certificate…or make promises and dream of an everlasting love!

So why is it so different when it comes to love of lovers?

keep loving…


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