Seemed just like yesterday when we celebrated Valentine’s day @ Nai Disha, Sec 29, Noida. Santosh (aka Babu) had been there and was now inspired to host a similar event. Great minds think alike as they say and we worked together to shape his thoughts and get them in real world.

We thought of no better day to host this event than on the occasion of Holi (1 March 2010). However it being a holiday we preponed it to 27th Feb 2010.

What fun it was – numerous people to support us and around 250 kids all full of excitement. We had anticipated around 100 kids but as it turned out, drawing and painting happen to be still the ‘in’ thing.

We had arranged for all the material as well as refreshments for the kids. Getting to Primary School in Arthala (Gaziabad) was a nightmare as one has to drive through the dingy thin lanes – always fearing of hitting some one. But all this was worth it.

There are very few things which are able to make me happy – a crowd full of kids is one of them. I was awestruck again to see the enthusiasm and the talent these kids put on display.

That's me in the white tee - walking, talking.. !

Not having any proper infrastructure or system in place, these kids were still able to pour their thoughts in color on A3 size paper with ease. Again like before, there are some geniuses in the making. I just wish they are given opportunities to explore and experiment in future. The prizes were given away by Dheeraj Kumar (Lead Technical – Hindustan Times Mobile Solutions).

We sure did have a tough time controlling the little brats, but it seemed like we were back in our school days.

Thanks Hindustan Times (sponsors), Purodha (organizers) and all the volunteers for making it a grand success.

Keep watching this space for the media coverage – coming soon !

* The complete picutre gallery of the event is available on Picasa



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