He he.. I’m back !! Well it’s a Sunday.. I’m up early..
What do I do?
Hey this is interesting Dad !
Hmm.. a camera.. 40 x zoom.. that’s
cool !
Ahh.. What he does not know is that I’m
a pro at this ! I know what I’ll use this
camera for ! Too many birds make a flock .. he he ;)
Now I’m all alone ! time to adjust things
and ‘focus’ ;) !!
Almost done.. With this kind of zoom,
who needs a telescope !! ??

Hmmm…. not bad not bad at all..
Wow.. This is good.. !
Psssst… don’t tell my grandpa about my new hobby.. I’m sure I’m the good boy of the house ! I’m not so sure about my gardener though.. he’s a
peeping tom.. let me help him weed out the grass..
hope he’ll be quite about my adventures !! C u soon folks.. :)
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