Hi I’m Nishidha and here’s an attempt at something guys feel they know best – gadgets !

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From “I” to “Ipod”

For quite a few years I had been noticing a new genre of people, those who could be found at bus stops, metros, autos, flights, trains, malls. And one thing in common they were all showing signs of “Essential Tremor” the younger brother of “Parkinsons”. Shaking heads, tapping foot, nodding heads, shaking fingers… while I was all lost in trying to recollect every human being that I had saw showing these signs I was subconsciously trying to identify the reason. Suddenly my brother tapped me on my shoulders and said something which I couldn’t hear, before I could ask him to repeat he suddenly jerked the earphones out of my ear and shrieked – “Can we make a move now, I have been screaming my lungs out if you are done?” I was still shocked to find him shouting at me and then suddenly the self realisation creeped in, I knew the answer it was always there in my pocket, my IPods Nano 4th generation. So this is what had been causing those reactions which had looked so similar to “Parkinsons”.

As we start thinking on this common way of relaxing ourselves with a technology that has been present with us since long. It reminds me of those rickshaw pullers or autos who carry the radio with them wanting to listen to FM or the roadside tea shops attracting customers with the commentary of India vs Sri Lanka cricket matches. I have come up with a new term with people showing the signs of “Essential Tremor” while listening to music, be it on IPods, pocket radios, fm players, and cell phones “VibraMusicons”. I know doesn’t sound cool but that’s the best I could think of.

All this while when I was lost in my dreams again my brat brother found it an ideal time to take those earphones out of my ear again – “I want to listen too…” All I could do after that question was to look at my earphone and then at the music system in my car. For the first time I was looking at my IPod thinking “Oh my, and I thought you were my genie I had everything when I had you…” It can’t be possible there must be something to help me listen to my IPod while I was driving and not on earphones, that’s when I started my googling on various IPod accessories. I hope you would like to know some cool items that I could find and now my IPod has a lot more to offer.

3.5mm Technology

If you want to play your IPod using your car stereo the requirements are very basic. You need to make sure your Car Stereo has a 3.55mm line out port.

Now what you need is to find the shortest distance to get to Nehru place or any nearby computer store and pick up a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male audio line in cable.

The story from here is very simple, plug in one end of the 3.5mm cable to your IPod and the other end to your Car Stereo. Switch the source of input to Aux on your car stereo (please keep in mind this option might be different on car stereos other than Sony) and have a blast.

To give you an example of how my brain waves looked before and after I used the 3.5mm technology.



All right All right I will stop kidding but “yesh” with only Rs.200 you have a whole new way to get your IPod to sing.

I Want to Break Free Technology

This one is a bit expensive but has its own advantages. Less wires, flexibility in where you want to keep your IPod and yes fulfils your dream of becoming a private RJ in your own Car. You would be wondering why I said RJ, this involves radio technology which means you can use it to wirelessly transmit music from your IPod to any FM receiver.

What you need is a FM Transmitter and a FM receiver which can be your car stereo or even any FM Radio equipped stereo players.

Plug the FM Transmitter to your IPod and set it to transmit at a certain frequency, match the same frequency to your car stereo or home stereo and there you go I can see you moving to the beats… good going.

I use the FM Transmitter from HCL works with two AAA batteries and have 4 pre-set frequencies you can choose from, cost me Rs.500.

My IPod My Videos

The next one is more from a perspective where I wanted a smaller DVD player. I had been listening to all the tech lingos about MP4, AVI, DIVX nothing makes sense to me. What I wanted was simple I was tired of watching movies on the small screen of my IPod. It’s a nice experience when travelling but when I have a TV in front of me I always wanted to watch the videos of my IPod on the big screen. Ever had the feeling that God is listening to what you pray for, I am a proud owner of the IPod TV out cable.

A very simple to use cable but the output is what I like the most. Now I watch my movies with my slimmest DVD player in the world my IPod.

An investment of Rs.300 is worth the price to be able to watch my favourite movies on my TV. If you own an IPod and your TV has AVI input what are you waiting for, a world full of IPod magic is waiting.

This is not the end to it; the more you wish the more you get… the IPod 5th Generation is camera ready. I will be adding more to this section but for now let me enjoy my moment of serenity and dream a bit. :-)

See you,


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