Yet another cold day, (by cold i mean the weather and may be few people as well !) kind of snowing in the morning, didn’t feel like working at all today…happens, as they say it’s just one of those days!

Walked into the office,. grabbed my coffee and started my PC, 24 mails.. that’s not bad. Didn’t bother to open them at that time. Got on my face book account, checked all notifications, couple of real cute messages by long lost friends….BINGO!

That’s it I got so damn pensive that it’s not funny. Thought about good old days and how simple life used to be few years (may be) ago. And now less I say is better. As we grow old how complex our lives become, we are like running in this mad race for money, career, promotions etc leaving behing the real essence, the little joys of life far far behind.

Wonder how life is, I mean really time flies, people change, grow old, meet new people, get married, bear children, make new friends, and life bloody goes on!

But I am sure there are like few days in everybody’s busy lives where we are so compelled to think of the people we once met, the places where we once stayed, the organisations where we once worked, I mean really I get these random thoughts pretty often and more often they leave me feeling depressed very depressed….phew!

Life for sure can be such a rush.



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