Wish I could only post the good things in life on the site. But irony is, we tend to constanly live in a world of illusion, somewhat like an ostrich I would say who simply buries it’s head in the ground when it sees danger – thinking it’ll be safe if he does. If comparison to ostriches offends people, one can take the example of pigeons as well – they simply close their eyes when they face danger – thinking (I guess) again that they’ll be safe.

This section is about the bitter truths in life. Some things that we either don’t know exist in the comforts of our living rooms OR we simply tend to turn a blind eye as per our convinience. It’s time to face the realities. No offences to the Cloud # 9 folks, but it’s time to get down to earth.

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Taj Mahal – A Temple – Palace

For the people who have visited Taj Mahal, we are always mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of its remarkable beauty. Taj Mahal is associated with the eternal love of Shah Jahan (the 5th Mughal successor) & Mumtaz Mahal.

While visiting the Taj, the guides and the escorts would keep on talking about their fairy tale love story and how/when/why, the Taj was constructed. The actual history of the Taj Mahal is probably lying in the dusty Archeological offices of the Indian Government. Read on..

The Police System in India

Do you remember the famous dialogue from SHOLAY “Hum angrezon ke zamane ke jailor hain”. You would definitely, who doesn’t! It still sends us into splits of laughter! But, have you ever sat back and thought whether this line could actually have a meaning, not just a hilarious movie dialogue or concoction of a dreamy film writer? It can be a much deep rooted truth that concerns our daily life and in fact our lives itself? I’m Prashant Manchanda, a practising criminal lawyer, holding experience in arguing at length before the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India MR.Justice K.G. BALAKRISHNAN, Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.V.RAVEENDRAN and Hon’ble Mr. Justice P.SATHASIVAM in the Supreme Court of India, on many occasions… Read on..

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