It’s been quite a while that I am searching for time machine…well, yes you heard me right I said a time machine. Call me crazy, weird, strange I so don’t care. I mean come on you people what all man has discovered and invented, reached the moon, found the planets, solar system, internet, telephone, electricity, mobile, television, aspirin, computers, credit cards, i-pod, printing press, Mac book, these social networking sites where you can get in touch with all those crazy people with whom you spent even crazier moments….phew! I can go on and on and on for ages and the list will still go on.

I mean we got to have it some where around. May be its somewhere in forests of Amazon, or in the deserts of Sahara or somewhere on the way to Mount Everest or under the river Nile or even some where hidden in Antarctica, its just got to be there somewhere, all we need to do is f i n d  o n e.

By the way all this while I have been talking of this time machine which can take you to the past, who cares about the future anyways (definitely pas moi), I mean I am sure most of you do but I guess the fun or the bliss lies in re-living all those moments again, the moments which made you proud, loved, inspired, amazed, thrilled, adored, accomplished, blessed, brilliant, beautiful, pampered, heroic and so on. Have you ever given it a thought? We all think and contemplate about the times when we just wanted the time to stop, when we told ourselves that you know what I don’t think I can be happier. It could be your first kiss, your first love, topping your school or university, being promoted, winning a lottery, getting through your dream job, that most awesome dinner date,  winning a match, your wedding, your first baby and so on.

What I want to convey is that happiness varies; it’s different to different people. Why do we even care for future I don’t even know what’s in store for me the very next second, I mean anything could happen, I don’t know if the next day will bring me happiness or not, so why in the world would I want to travel in future. But yes I know for sure I did live some beautiful moments and made some decisions which made me what I am today, for better or for worse; well that’s a different story all together, so I would want to go back in time, re live all those special moments.

Practicality…well I am not a very practical person and people who know me will not differ. I just believe that this thing is just there somewhere at some place in the world. I don’t know if all the little money I have will be able to buy it, or wait may be its not for sale, may be it’s only for the chosen one, so many may be’s oh God I am fed of  these may be’s.

And if any one of you is muttering under his breath may be its not even there, well then I want you to know that I might not be the most practical person around but optimism oh that just runs in my blood, an absolute perpetual optimistic, that’s me!

So my dear peeps whoever is reading this, in which ever part of this globe you are, keep your eyes wide open. I will be thrilled to hear from you and would give all that I have just to get that one ride of a lifetime.

All the very best…happy searching!



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