It’s 2 am and I’m itching to write this article. Guess am taking my mind off something. Really? Yea..  Most of us do that whether we want to or not. Some say it’s escapism or running away. I think it’s getting your self off the grind momentarily.

Yes that's me @ Rashtrapati Bhawan :)Last year Nitesh, Yogi and I joined weekend language classes (French to be specifc). Why? Well there was no reason specifically – guess it was just for the fun of it. It was interesting – meeting new folks, getting back to school, being pulled up on the white board to explain and interpret things et all. What was more fun was the feel of getting early on a Saturday morning and pushing ourselves for those classes. I admit – I am guilty of making Yogi and Nitesh bunk the classes on a couple of occasions – At times it was a bottle of Tuborg being uncorked @ Khan Market and often a drive in South DelhiChanakya Puri, Rashtrapati Bhawan, my home 12 years ago – Laxmi Bai Nagar & Sarojini Nagar, Amrita Shergill Marg (ahhh.. I want a bungalow there), at the UPSC fast food joint, around and in my school and what not. Lol – we even managed to visit dhabas in Connaught Place and the science museum @ Pragati Maidan (YES.. the science museum we used to go good 20 years ago !).

Joining a gym is no big deal.. well unless you want to make one out of it. Last November it was another ‘small thing’ which made me frequent it for a while. I did shed some kilos, but again just for the ‘feel’ of it. I remember trying to exert my self daily for good 2 hours there just to take my mind off – mind off what? That’s a good question :-)

Life’s a full circle as they say. You come back to same situations more often that not. And then you wonder what went well or what did not. At times it’s best to let go – and just distract yourself. Childish yes but effective as well.

Smaller things have excited me in the past few days – that time in the evening when it’s  just getting dark – I love switching on my car’s parking lights and those 2 small white lights – gives kinda “candle light” effect. Crazy .. indeed very crazy.. but that’s it.

There’s indeed God.. God in small things.. Go ahead – find yours !



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