With all the advancement in technology happening all around us, with every passing day, it is but difficult to remain untouched by it! Though the science and religion(socialists) have been at war since the dawn of the discoveries, I always took them in my stride for I believe in being forward thinking rather than being stagnant with what we have!

But over the last few months, the one thing over which I have seen lot of debates is over the virtual networks created in which we can lose ourselves!  Facebook being condemned by one group while the whole existence of internet being rebuked by the other.

Among all this, what bothers me at times is the addiction to the virtual world! At times I have felt like getting lost in it, creating my own world where all are so vague about life, question its very existence, who want to escape the worldly emotional baggage and who just want to live the way they want – in happiness! Where there is a comfort of being unknown yet saying your thoughts aloud for all to know! In knowing that whatever you say, even if not accepted will not be ridiculed upon! Where in spite of being perfect strangers …find solace in some common ground!

Is that the freedom some of us seek? Or is it the quest for a dream world of our own, which is as real for us as any, where freedom has a different meaning altogether!

Would I dream of this world, where there are no social rules, no emotional rules…where one can just be ONESELF without worrying about the prying eyes and the wagging tongues! Create this world where you don’t have to answer or explain why you want to spend some time staring at nothing…..or……drive off to nowhere at the middle of the night……or……sit on the edge of a cliff just to stare down at the city during the crack of dawn !!

I have been told it would be a lonely world, with no one worrying about you and no one caring for you! But I don’t know yet if its better to be unhappy in this world, with everyone around…trying to meet everyone’s expectation; or would it be better to live…maybe lonely….but a life so fulfilling in oneself?



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