Sounds absurd right? Me? Hate writing? Well yes.. How much can one write, I mean just how much?

I’ve been writing since I was a child. From the ‘practice your letters’ book to writing poems in school, effects of World War 1 to essays on world economy, filling audit sheets to training manuals, PHP coding to process documents. LOL, amazes me at times.

Funny it is. Despite my hate for it, it’s the only way to keep this mind going. It’s the feel of ‘writing for someone else’ that bugs.
Here I am writing pages after pages of documentation on things with no touch and feel. And to get away from it what does Mr Gupta do? He writes yet again.

Folks at work (past and present) began appreciating the ‘art’ I had, till they realized I over do it. Emails sent from my mailbox were branded as detailed and precise till they lost their charm to be known as just too much :)  What’s not changed is my love for it.

I sit here again @ 11.30 at night, trying to get away from writing process documents. What better way to get away than to write.. yet again ! It’s very close to driving my car for that adrenaline rush. The only difference? Instead of the gas pedal it’s the keyboard which fumes here.

Short and sweet – that’s how I’ll keep this article. And nah.. I Love writing :)

So long folks,


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