And I thought one can only fish for fishes.

Never held a net or a rod, but I have been fishing all my life.

That fancy yellow toy car being sold on the road side still reminds me how much I tried to persuade my dad to buy it when I was a kid. He did not relent though, nor did I.

Well yes, he won – he simply dragged me away with one hand while I tried to use all my weight to anchor him – alas I was not heavy enough :)

That first pair of denim pants with a copper emblem was a dream till I fished it out from my brother. Was I happy sporting that on my waist – you bet!

The fishes have changed over time. We’ve all aspired for a good job, a decent income, the materialistic
pleasures, family, love, satisfaction (as if anyone knows exactly what it is!) and so much more.

It’s ironic that our appetite only increases with time no matter how much and how frequent we have a catch. The fishes too get bigger and brighter every time.

Is it wrong? No not at all. People say it is greed, I say it’s our endeavour to improve perfection.

I still long for that fancy yellow toy car though I have a real silver one now. My brother’s denim pant has long gone, but I’ve still kept that copper emblem.

Fish for life, it’s worth the effort. What really matters is what life is to you.

Thanks Nidhi for the ‘fishing’ concept ;-)



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