Illustrative picture - not Montu's

Montu is 3.3 yrs old and is suffering from a heart disease for which he requires Rs 45,000/- for VSD Closure as advised by Dr. R.Juneja (his consulting doctor)

His father died in 2008 & he is being raised by his mother Sunita. She is a widow and she is running a grocery shop to survive. He lives in village Sengal, Tehsil Nuhu, post Ujeena , District Mewat(Haryana, India). Montu was shown in AIIMS in Oct 2008 when he was 8 months old.

Montu’s AIIMS’s registration number – M.C.V No. 20906/08.

Considering the poor financial plight of the patient’s family, RELIEF TRUST would like to request RELIEF to arrange financial assistance at the earliest as the patient requires early procedures ASAP.

Please call 9540387309, 0120 – 4245398, 1800 103 1777 to contribute.

Published on behalf of:

Relief Trust,
Functional Office: A 369, Basement, Sector 19,
Near Max Hospital,
Noida, U.P. 201301.
# 0120-4245398

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