For many independence is the day India won it’s freedom 71 years ago. For some it’s the day we hoist our national flag, listen to patriotic songs, watch war movies and fly kites.

There are folks I know who check their calendars to see if 15th August is falling on a Friday or a Monday – so as to club the ‘holiday’ with their weekend and plan a trip out.

Nothing wrong in the above, but what does it mean to me??

Independence, I believe is not just for a moment or a day. It’s celebrated on 15th August but do we live it every day?

For me it’s speaking my heart out and take a stand on things I feel for. It’s about standing in support of those who cannot support themselves. It’s freedom to not feel ashamed at all doing chores one would usually shy away from..

What does it mean to YOU? Thoughts? Write your heart out below please – go ahead. We have few prizes planned for the best entries – we’ve not yet decided on the judge – but trust me – he/she is going to be INDEPENDENT of bias :-)

Entries open till 14th August 2011, midnight IST.


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