Me and ParadiseDipayan and I went to the 2012 Auto Expo held at the Pragati Maidan Exhibition Grounds in New Delhi on 5th January.

With an exclusive invitation in our hands the feeling of being ‘privileged’ was really literal – thanks mate!

Unlike last time (Auto Expo 2010) where we had to slog hours standing in the queue even with business passes, this time it was  a smooth breeze :) No queues, no hassles – just flash your invitation and walk right in!

Feet ached, eyes drooped and head spinned – not only as we were tired but also because it was beauty all over.. From Audis to Mercs to VWs to Renault.. endless!

The images are as of now on Picasa as am running out of server space !

© 2012 – Dipayan Nag & Anupam Gupta for

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