About Fundraiser for Rupali Jandu’s Open-Heart Surgery & Bronchial Asthma Treatment in India

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Rupali’s father whom she and her family loves to death & don’t know how to live without, is severely sick & hospitalized since Nov 29th 2011. He is now admitted to Fortis Escorts hospital, Delhi, India for higher & proper medical treatment.

He is a severe patient of Bronchial Asthma, has suffered a heart attack in Sep 2011, diagnosed with coronary arteries disease with 88% blockage of 2 major arteries going to his heart & now his kidneys are not functioning properly.

At this point, its not the money that is going to save him, but miracles & lots & lots of blessings & prayers.

Yet all the medical expenses are going out of the family’s control & ESCORTS being the most expensive hospital in India & the best hospital as well, requires that these expenses need be paid time-to-time failing of which he may not receive proper treatment & may not survive.

This is a appeal to all of you for your kindness & humble support..Financially, Physically & Morally.

Please help raise the funds to save his life & please please please pray with the real bottom of your heart. Details are as below -


Bank Of America Account number: 0383145503
Zip Code: 93501
Last Name: JANDU
First Name: RUPALI
Contact email: hiroop_love@yahoo.com
Orgin: United States of America

Please note that money can also be transferred in India as well. So, if the donars are residing in India, they can contact -

Rupali’s mother @91+ 9911637068 OR
her brother @ +91- 9716336097.

PS: Any amount of donation will be helpful and appreciated.

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