The Conversation..

It was just a normal chat conversation between myself and Gary for a ride as it was a long  time we hit the roads.

So asked Gary how many days and Gary as usual 5 days,
Me: Yaar not much leaves, how about a weekend ride.
Gary: Ek din chutti maar le (Take one day leave). So finally we planned for Pushkar.

Then next day Gary: Pushkar cancelled as fair is over and no much of fun, so why not Thanedar….
Me:I said Thanedar R u taking me to a jail???
Gary: Have a look for this place in google.
Me: Searching….. Ah! what a place with the beauty and I said lets ride.
Gary: Have heard that there is snow fall as well.
Me: No need to wait lets move on.

About Thanedar - Thanedar has a very special place in the history of Himachal Pradesh. The first apple saplings were planted here in Kotagarh near Thanedar.

And if you are planning to visit you cannot avoid the sweet fragrance of the apple trees which is matchless anywhere else. So pack your bags and get ready for the fun ride through the woods of Shimla.

Travel Plans
So on friday Gary started from Rajasthan and myself from Delhi to meet at Chandigarh but before that met Akash (Dr.Akashdeep) over the chat and told him that we are coming near his place as he was from Hamirpur anh he also got an itch to ride so he was not very sure that he would join us.

Gary started early in the morning from Rajasthan without proper brakes and I in the afternoon but unfortunately I reached early and had to wait but later got a call from Akash that he will also join us tomorrow near Shimla.

Day 1

The route by different riders

Delhi – Chandigarh by Gourab
SriGanganagar – Chandigarh by Gary

Came from office at 0700hrs in the morning as Gary had already mentioned that he will start early from rajasthan so I thought of giving a short nap and leave by 1100hrs which dragged till 1200hrs, finally I told myself “enough of laziness move urself out of the couch and hit the road”. By 1300hrs I was all set and within in no time I was in the Karnal Road and after travelling for sometime received a call from Gary and he told he would be late and informed me that we would meet at Pijnore and we will try to ride the hills as much as for the day.. All excited so I cruised and crossed Ambala took a break to have some snacks and after sometime I called up Gary to find his whereabouts but no go .

He finally called me and said it will take some more time and the meeting point was also changed and it was Chandigarh which is 150kms from his present location and I thought it would take him some nice hours to reach and for me it was 50kms . Now what to do after i reach Chandigarh as I have no friends not much familiar with the place and rode at a speed of 30kmh but again I reached by 1800hrs at Sec 17 ISBT Bus stand where I had to wait for a decent 3hrs 30 mins just by going here and there in the same place and was not in a position to go further because of the luggage in the bike…. finally received a call and he said its just 30kms I felt relief and by that time it was too late to ride to the hills and he rode a long distance without proper brakes…. so finally he reached by 2130hrs and the normal bikers meet and headed to motel.

Did not capture much pics as did the same in the past ride…

Day 2

Chandigarh – Shimla – Kufri – Narkanda – Thanedar

Finally got up by 0700hrs had a bed tea and freshen up and all set to hit the road by 0900hrs and the first thing was to repair the brakes as they were the worst thing which was affecting the ride but God knows how the heck he was riding with his Che…. finally we found one and before that some pet pooja with McD burgers and then it was afternoon and by that time Akash had left his house and he has crossed shimla to meet us at Sher E Punjab near the Helipad…

The pics will speak the rest…


Day 3

Thanedar – Kufri -Shimla/Hamirpur

Got up lazily at around 0700hrs and Akash started shouting…Gourab get up you should not miss this sight and to my shock after I saw the sight I was like …. I never saw such a site before and it could be so marvellous… and bed tea was ready after just having few sips it became cold as the weather was so cold…uuuuuf…. unable to tolerate told the house keeping to get us one more cup of tea after half an hour…again he brought 4 cups of tea…. so again it became cold within no time..finally told him to get us tea in large steel glasses …

Now it was time we move out to feel the beauty of Thanedar…we went to the Tani-Jubbar Lake and started to feel the sunrays and started feeling warm after the chilled ride and spent an hour with some photography and Blah Blah!!! Then with empty stomach you know what would be the next target… we went to the small Hotel/Dhaba whatever name you could give and had some tasty paranthas with egg burji and tea…and then started taking a walk near the places…. and was unable to find apples as this was not the season though its the Apple Dom..however I found out some rotten apples …..

Then we were in Dilemna what Next?? Gary was so attracted to Thanedar that he planned to stay there for few more days and he told me to stay back and move to Chitkul but no leaves from office that was impossible and Akash had to ride back as he had some function…

Now decided we will head back to our respective destinations and later on we started by 1100hrs with the bad roads was horrible…. and we halted again for a small break and decided that me and gary would stay back in Chandigarh and Akash to his place unfortunately again the keeda plans changed and Gary advised that lets go to Kufri and then to Chandigarh…

I was also comfy wid the plans but again when we were heading to Chandigarh the tunnel road was blocked and routes deviated by that time we waved bbye to Akash and Sunny….. and while heading Gary met his Chaddi Buddy Dost Nithin and he told no more riding to Chandigarh …. u riders need to stay in Shimla and enjoy…. then I thought why not Shimla again… lets enjoy ….. we dumped our kits and stuff in cloak room fresh and lets explore Shimla….. It followed by Tatoo, shopping, Ritz Disc and Barista

We called it off for the day and snoaring time by 0100hrs

Early Morning View

Day 4

Shimla – Chandigarh – Delhi/Zirakpur

Got up lazily at 0700hrs and as usual I was the first to wake up saw Nitin and Gary still in their dreamworld where Gary told we will leave by 0400hrs.
I thought I think I ve to bunk my office today and however woke Gary and then had some tea and were ready by 1045hrs and waved a Bbye to Nitin and hit the road by 1100hrs with a non stop ride till Kalka with just one halt near the temple to take blessings of God.

When we reached Kalka it was 1300hrs and we were to see how quickly we covered the hilly curves which normally takes more than 3hrs.

Had brunch took a butt break for almost 1hr and discussed when would our next ride be????

At 1400hrs we started to ride back as theer was some problem with Che so Gary went to Chandigarh to sort the problem and I had in mind that whatever matters I will be at the right time in office.

So at Zirakpur waved BBye to Gary and I started with a non stop ride to Delhi and slowly it was turning out to be foggy and rode half the way, took a tea break near Karnal and finally was at Delhi by 1800hrs.

Pics 47-51

The ride to Apple Dom comes to an end so lets wait for the next travel…

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