You’ve got to love your diesel to get the most out of it. And it takes some money, some pampering and some love. But trust me it’s a bargain.

Ah.. let’s see – INR 5.25 lac worth of hatch back – not that bad. Average mileage of 17.5 kmpl over 80,000 kms in 3.3 years. Maximum mileage of 24 kmpl (@ 80 kmph) and worst of 13 kmpl (mostly standing still with AC on !)

Now that’s not bad is it? The baby has been from NCR to Shimla, Kufri, Lansdowne (twice), McLeodganj, Kangra, Naddi, Agra & Aligarh (multiple times), Jaipur apart from a daily average of around 60 kms in city.

So what it takes to keep it going?

The rocket calls for service every 10,000 kms, with a major one at every 20,000. The regular services makes your wallet lighter by roughly INR 1,900 to INR 3,000. The major one can be as dear as INR 5,000 – 6,000.

Tyres on ths Swift LDI were a standard JK 165/80 R14 tubeless radials. Though not the best when it calls for performance but just barely apt to do the grind. After 60,000 kms on the odo they were crying for a replacement (I was troubled with frequent flats as the puncture repairs were giving away). Switch over to MRF 185/65 R14 tubeless and the this beast feels much sturdier and comfortable. I managed to do clover leafs at 80 kmph without a squeal with this fresh rubber vis a vis a U turn at 40 kmph with the earlier tyres yapping like a puppy. Confidence of being in control raises by 50% with a good set of tyres.

Ah.. even after 70,000 kms on the odo it beats it's own speed record set a few years ago. It was 157 kmph today on the LDI folks!
Even after 70,000 kms on the odo it beats it’s own speed record set a few years ago. It was 157 kmph on 20th Aug ‘11

being source from Fiat – a multijet 1300 cc producing 75 ps @ 4000 rpm and a decent torque of 190 Nm @ 2000 rpm has been a breeze so far. At 60,000 kms I was advised to compliment the engine oil changes with an additive to keep it running smooth longer. Engine flushing helps keep the baby off the carbon – more like getting that bad cholesterol taken off from your artries.

Age old faith helps even with changing technologies. Mobil 1 is a synthetic oil which supposedly lasts for 20,000 kms however a normal engine oil change every 6,000 – 8,000 kms is best. Keeps the engine fresh and going well. It’s a very personal choice to be honest and I have switched to old school logic here.

The turbo works like a charm even with age and kicks in post 2000 rpm – propells forward like a horse. Uphill with AC on has never been a problem. No loss of power with the AC on – hurray!!

Suspension has been most faithful and well now looks like it needs replacement but is doing fair with a changed rear set and just the assembly kit changed for the front ones.
80,000+ kms on the odo in 3.3 years and still going strong :) Love this baby!

80,000+ kms on the odo in 3.3 years and still going strong

Ah, the interiors - not the best to look at but just apt. All black, big dash which is flat to hold a full size meal like a picnic table. 3 glass/bottle holders which hold the lager or the glasses just like a hand in glove :) Storage in the dash is disappointing though the side pockets in front doors help, so does the slot to keep your knick knacks, cell phones etc near the gear lever. Front leg room is awesome, rear is cramped. But honestly do we really drive with full load always? This has been not much of a bother. Boot is well – broad at the bottom and narrows as it goes up – has been surprisngly able to hold my big suitcases, bags etc. By the way, this car has been used to haul stuff and move houses fully loaded and without a struggle – space optimization while loading it helps. I have been very finicky on keeping the interiors spic and span and it helps keeping it feeling good.

How can I forget the sound within! 300 W Alpine speakers and a JVC USB system borrowed from my old Maruti 800 worked wonders. Around 18 months ago I though switched over to 2600 W of SONY column speakers – this time borrowed from my home mini hi-fi system!! Base, Treble – all aplenty.. Rock on !

Well so much so for a review – in a nutshell I still feel good driving it anytime and look forward to spend many more kilometers with the baby.

Cheers! Anupam
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