Hi I’m Abhishek – a car freak. There is lots of activity in the Indian diesel hatch segment and the consumer is now flooded with choices, making it even more difficult to choose that perfect car. I’ve test driven a few – here’s the review !

VISTA - The dashboard and door plastic quality is extremely cheap, even Overall interiors dont give you a great feeling.

PALIO - A tag better than Vista, however the dashboard is slightly inferior as compared to Swift. Neverthless the door has good quality fabric on it, which gives you a rich feel The swift does not have any door fabric on it.

SWIFT - The dashboard plastic quality is the best in class but door fabric is missing in the LDI model. The doors are entirely plastic which is where the Palio scores.

Overall winner – Palio. Swift is a close second. Vista a distant third.


VISTA – This car has is most spacious amongst all the 3 cars in question, it is clearly a winner here.

PALIO – Decent space, legroom is neither cramped nor too spacious but it has adequate space.

SWIFT – Swift takes a beating here. Rear leg room is less as compared to Palio and Vista, though the front leg room is good enough.

Overall winner- Vista followed by Palio and then Swift.

Engine Performance, Gearshift and Suspension

VISTA – Torque delivery is linear and smooth, but the vista does not drive well on bad roads because of poor suspension, no doubt though that it is a huge improvement over the indica. Gearshift is not at all refined and you have trouble sorting out the ratios.

PALIO – The torque delivery is more power oriented and this is what makes this car special. The turbo kicks in at very low rpm and you really dont feel that you are driving a diesel car. suspension is good enough and because of overall strong build quality the palio feels like a tank. You feel safe and secure. Gearshift is average and you have to press the clutch completey to change gears. Power is same even with AC on.

SWIFT – This car is a delight to drive . Engine even though is the same as the other 2 cars but is extremely refined. This is where the car scores heavily – it has the smoothness of a petrol engine and the responsiveness as well, it does not feel like you are driving a diesel car.

Overall winner – Swift followed by Palio and Vista.


My personal favorite would be Palio, this is a value for money car. At the price of a SWIFT LDI, the top end version of this car can be bought. It is a solid car, downside being low resale value and poor after sales service, but if you are not someone who changes his car frequently then this can go a long way. Fuel efficiency is 19-20 kpl.

If you are looking for space and your family members are well built Vista is the car to buy. Interiors are inferior, fuel efficiency is okay but not too great – it returns 15-16 kpl.

If you are fond of driving, Swift is the car to buy for it has an extremely refined engine and great resale value. It would actually sell within an hour if somebody wants to ! The downside being the cramped leg room in the rear. When this car runs, you will even forget that this is a diesel car.

Still confused? Write to me at adutt_mehta@yahoo.com !!

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