Many passive experiences, many of self and many thoughts out of the blue – lot goes into this article I’m trying to pen down without any plan of what the next word will be that I’ll type after this one.

The local video game parlor was the place I ‘invested’ my hard earned pennies (few rupees should I say?) once I had a bunch of them after school. It seemed a marathon task trying to save enough for that 30 minutes of Contra & Mario on the game kiosk. A task spread across days and at times weeks. Well managed and satisfying at the end of it I’ll say. Now that I think of those days – can’t help but smile.

Board exams in grade 10 – what a nightmare project – here I see the pitch @ Eden Gardens splitting up like loose mud (with Kambali crying like a baby ofcourse), and I’m trying to mug up World War I events’ chronology for the next day history examination!

Have seen folks preparing for that CAT or IIT or the medical entrance tests – boy I shivered. I had my share too towards preparing for the same but alas.. well no fill in the blanks please.

Flash forward to life as adults now – it’s always one thing or the other.. or rather to honor the subject of this article should I say – it’s always one project or the other? Which bike to buy, which car to buy (spending hours and months on torque, cubic capacity, mileage, forthcoming launches etc etc) or which gizmo to buy – never ending endeavor.

Life gets bigger – to go in for that flat or that plot in that part of the city – here you go driving round the land like a mafia out to collect his weekly collection – speaking to 1 broker and the other, seeing sprawling acres of projects under construction and trying to use your pea brain to decide what’s best. You feel all are out to cheat you there in the big bad world and you are the smartest of the lot.

You marry, you settle down.. some folks I know got a bumpy landing I’ll say! Heard folks say they’ll do this post marriage and that. Some I see end up getting into the muddle of house, car, expenses and sort  and some just enjoying like hell. Correction – they are in the planning phase of the project known as married life.

Are our projects at work so very different from those in our lives? Guess not..

It’s a never ending and always a pursuit for happiness if I may put it that way – that’s life for you summed up in 10 minutes. 10 minutes too much or just too less? – comments welcome :)



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