Russel Peters says that at times guys sit around and think. They think ‘nothing’. The fairer sex finds it so hard to believe that they come across with all the things a guy would NOT be thinking and convince him he WAS thinking so. LOL it’s so unfair!! The ‘angels’ ( ;-) ) spend so much time thinking what we think that they think nothing else!!

Well that’s one part of ‘laundayee’. For my non Hindi speaking friends, it means – a guy’s world OR the ‘men way’ of living life

Driving on and on with no destination in mind on a Friday or weekend night, sitting in that dirty & dingy chai waala or dhaba having paranthas endlessly, puffing away like a chimney, drinking & still holding the ground (a bit wobbly I’ll say) – aah so much a man’s world has to offer :-)

What man, I’m not used to change my socks & handkerchief every day, or as a matter of fact – put that cream on my hands and face! Drive slow the women say, well I say – what’s the point? I don’t feel the suspension of my car working till I hit that small bump or can’t figure out if I’ve got a good set of wheels till I hear them squeal on a clover bridge @ 100 kmph!

Eat like a human being, use fork & knife, don’t hit the plate too hard with a spoon, eat with your mouth closed, don’t slurp the bowl (even though that’s your way of appreciating good food !) – Everything a man loves but alas the women say is ‘uncivilized’.  “Wash your hands and face” – well I’ll do it when I feel like please and not everytime I enter home or begin eating!!

I guess men are men so much so naturally, atleast most of them. But yes the time builds on and so do passive habits. It’s with me as well – I don’t see myself doing much of the things above so often like I used to 7-8 years ago. Not that I’m complaining or really miss all this, but again – I do!!  :-)

I leave you with a typical laundayee snippet from a movie which rocked all the ‘Laundaas’. Click on the video on the left.

Ya.. thanks for smiling :-)

Yawwwwwn.. big one!! ;-) .. Anupam

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