Disclaimer: This is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments or point to anyone. I am just exercising my right to freedom of thought and speech and words!

I did not really want to write about this but today I just could not get this out of my mind and I had to take it out somewhere. And where but my own space … Just in the last 2 days 2 incidents came to my notice and I am so furious and perplexed!

So my question to you all out there is how many times have you been emotionally blackmailed by your parents? And how many times have you given in, not because you agreed but because they are our parents and you didn’t want to hurt them!

So let me describe few of the typical scenarios when this mostly happens…. You want to marry the person you love but your parents don’t approve. Or you want to go abroad for better opportunities but you cannot because your parents don’t want you out of their sight.

And these days, when you want a divorce but your parents feel that would be the end of their social reputation!

And trust me, these are real/true instances where parents have staged sickness or health problems and asked their children to give up what they wanted to as their dying wish! And medically, there was nothing wrong with them in whatsoever tests.

At one point of time, I felt pity for these children and also appreciated their act of valour, if I may say so. But after a point, I wasn’t sure who I was appalled at – the parents who were forcing their child to do something that he/she does not want to, giving up his/her happiness just so that his/her parents could be happy, or at the child, who repeatedly lets being dragged and cornered into such situations!

My contemplation today is, if you are parents, does it really give you the right to play with your child’s emotions just for your selfish motives?

And as a child, is it really our duty to bend to every wish of our parents, even if it kills us from inside?



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