Today if you ask me ..How I am ? I have a very standard reply to it ..And we all know what the standard reply is.

But am I really ok? My answer is “No , I am not”. There is a plethora of emotions simmering deep down inside of me, ready to explode. The complexity and the need to follow social convention of this world has put a lid to all my feelings. I have a reputation which I need to maintain and today I feel  I have become a victim of my own reputation.

I want to vent out my frustration and I want to tell the world that NO I AM NOT FINE, but I can’t. Again the social convention does not allow me to do so. I am emotionally torn apart from inside, but how many of us are ready to be with someone who is so emotionally disturbed. And just when such negative thoughts engulf me, ready to drown me in my own emotions, I realize I have friends. Friends who I can talk to. All the social conventions go right out of the window. They become a  vent to let out my frustration.

So when my real friends ask me how I am, I tell them – dude.. everything is not fine and they quietly and patiently listen  to all my problems.. In fact they even connect their  own problems with mine so that I can feel a little better and life continues . That’s how we have made our lives to be.

We are all  hippocrates in our own way.

May be when this world becomes a better a place to live, maybe when we all opt out of the rat race (we have all so willingly become a part of) – that day we will all shed our masks and show each other the real person we are.

Till then we need to maintain this hypocrisy.  It’s needed for our survival.

Comments? Welcome!



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