When I heard this song from Lucky Ali 16 years ago, I wasn’t able to relate to it. I felt – what the heck – what good is to be a teenager? No money, no freedom, no excitement etc.

16 years on, the song is so much near my heart, and I guess will be to you too once you hear it if not already.

Life was so cool at 15. After school the only thing that mattered was that afternoon soap on DD2. If I’m not wrong it was ‘Swabhimaan’.  Lol, Yes! I admit – I was hooked on to it – thanks to my mom who gave no other option and also we had no other channels to watch other than DD1 and DD2. Cable TV was there but was more of for the privileged few and not for kids!

A power nap after that and hey the clock hits 5 pm – time to go out no matter if it rained, was summers or winters. Cricket was the first choice followed closely by football. Of course we had our share of games during the ‘games period’ at school but then, that was school!

Wow, 45 bucks for an audio cassette was just too much of moolah. Get a Sony 90 minute blank cassette and give it for recording along with a list of songs at the neighborhood shop – he happily recorded your heart on tape for 2 bucks a song. Presto! You were up to date with the latest music. CD player did you ask? Now that was just way too much to afford. Torrents, mp3s did I hear you say – you kidding!?!?!?! :-)

Power outages were then and they are now as well. The difference is we had no backups – no invertors and no generators – again only for the upper crest. In fact a power outage meant we could step out of home and play the all-time favorite ‘hide and seek’ aka ‘aais paais’. What fun it was to make a mockery of all the girls when all the guys hid in that dark tinted car for an hour! The girls went lunatic searching all over the colony ground for the ‘gang’ while we died laughing seeing them scurry all over. :-)

2 of my school mates came in the then “luxurious” Maruti Suzuki 800s and 1 on a LML Supremo – oh man were they the cool dudes of my class – you bet! While most of us came in the school bus, they zipped past in their then ‘mean’ machines.  Not to mention the fun I had in Hitesh’s Fiat (Premier Padmini) as well after school!

Never had any luck in balancing those chemical equations.. phew! And I don’t know why they used to call that gigantic puzzle a ‘Periodic Table’ when it was referred to so frequently! Nothing periodic about it. Could never understand how some molecules mysteriously mix with some others in varying proportions to come out with something totally bizarre! Imagine hydrogen and oxygen make water, you replace oxygen with chlorine and you turn it into an acid!! Way above my intellect level.

I had my set of best friends in colony and school I always wanted to be with. Life moves with blitzkrieg speed and well here I am, remembering it this morning like it was yesterday.

Well, I can go on and on but I guess that’s what nostalgia is all about.

Special thanks to Nikunj (with whom I was chatting on above on Friday last) and Garima (who just penned ‘Living Life Each Day’) for triggering my fingers on the keyboard.



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