Neil Anderson (aka Neo) chose the red pill over the blue one in Matrix. Life is not a flick that simple – wish it was. Well but it’s not that difficult either. Think of it – ain’t it just about breaking free from the algorithm called ‘daily schedule’ and ‘weekly chores’ and may be the ‘monthly planner’?

Can we really unplug from this matrix, may be temporarily or well.. for good? I really wish I could for sure. Imagine – Breaking free from worrying about how much to earn.. to pay how much to survive and save for future, break free from thinking how to maintain that tolerance in your social circle or work place or home, break free from being compliant for compliance sake – over ruling your true feelings? Being diplomatic when your heart screams @$#Q#!

Well, don’t you wish you could just unplug from this ’system’ simply as the guy here in the pic left is trying to? Just unplug from this circuit board called LIFE.

Most folks choose to take a weekend off away from the city madness and seclude self momentarily trying to find solace. Some folks choose to give up the pursuits in life and move towards going easy – spirituality, seek moksha, change profession to something which suits his/her passion etc.

And seldom few of us choose to continue living in the madness and get those few unplugged moments every day. Go ahead, get that bike kick started and take a small ride around, strum that guitar for some time, get that moment of thinking nothing at all – all by yourself in your fav corner, eat that junk you always loved, get those Archies and Asterixs and TinTins and Chacha Choudharys out from the closet, watch that stupid movie over and over again and what not.

Honestly, I’d love to unplug self for good. But that’ll be paradise then.. and guess I’ve got few years to go before I reach there for good :-) . In the mean time, seems it’s worth stealing those few moments daily.. unplugged!

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