This is not the country I can be proud to be a citizen of. What the hell.. telly is bursting with live feed of protests and the cops protecting their own den and those of their masters (read the PM, CM & the home minister).

The problem is much more than just police inaction or the the impotent laws. It’s rooted much deep.

It’s complete moral decay of our society let’s face it! Few days ago a 35 year old female was raped somewhere in our great nation (I don’t really remember where) and some politican says – “who will rape a 35 year old”. 16 year old, 5 year old, 3 year olds..

Mr Politico – so are you saying there’s a ‘right age’ to be raped? Ghastly and just plain disgusting.

Asaram Bapu (our “great” spiritual leader) says the lady being raped should have made the rapist her brother by talking him into it! MAN – plain frustratingly irritating unacceptable remark. When our leaders have such mindsets what would one expect from the common man – men who just go reckless with their pervert minds. It’s a top down change that needs to be in place not necessarily vice versa

We blame the cops (and rightly so) for being corrupt, inactive, indifferent and just plain useless. Come to think of it, we’ve bribed a cop some time or the other in our lives. How many times some of us have just turned a blind eye to a sincere cop trying to challan us and just sped of. The cops are much into protecting the politicos than be present on the roads protecting the common man. Top it up with the minuscule peanuts they are paid. What’s the outcome? A force which is not motivated, over worked, over stressed, corrupt, inept and untrustworthy.

It’s a radical change that’s needed – yes – laws need to be stronger but also the mindsets of our so called leaders need to change apart from the common people. Get better recruits in the police system but please pay them well as well. For god’s sake our taxes are good enough to take care of their salaries, when they are good enough to take care of the politicos and the babudom.. High time the blindfold is taken off the eyes of all – not just the judicial system

And yes – we get ignited watching the idiot box or reading the morning newspaper. Why don’t we have that fire burning when we see such injustice happening in real time on the roads, public places? Thoughts? Pour out..

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