What’s happening to this city where I grew up…I had nothing but love for this city, why are people doing these horrendous acts against women against kids, kids as old as five!!!

Where has humanity gone? where is the love the respect gone? I am angry very very angry. I guess we have become a part of a nation where human life human dignity has no value, where you are judged by the size of the car that one drives, where women are raped, abused, beaten, burnt…oh forget about women where kids, kids as young as three, five are raped…what are we doing, where are we headed?

We are a billion plus nation, a country that is known for its culture, for love, for respect, for equality…where are all these core values gone? Are we giving “this” country to the next generation? What values are we instilling in our kids? We are told to dress appropriately or else we might get raped, we are told to come in time at night or else we might get raped…will we be constantly living in this fear of @$/@ing getting raped!

What the hell is wrong with you people? We have become so so cold that the cries of those innocent girls are just not audible to us…that we read newspapers we see news, we update our Facebook statuses that how angry we are and then….period! We forget, we move on, like it never happened…get back to the mundane life.

Life, human life has become so cheap in our country. It’s a fad to ill treat the weaker sections of society, to abuse them…to rape them till they bled to death. My heart goes to that five year old and to all those who’s stories don’t even get surfaced. I don’t even know how the almighty will give courage to their families to cope with their loss.

God too must be seriously contemplating as to what the hell he has created. Human beings oh so supposedly intelligent creatures! If I were God I would have just wanted to erase all that I created and do it all over again and this time make the trees, the animals, the moon, the stars the birds, the mountains, the valleys, the seas, the wilds….make them all but humans no more!

Amen to that



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