0° C, 4° C, 10° C.. cold ain’t it? very cold I’ll say. Infact this winters was one of the worst in NCR for us.. really?

Think about this school (Aadhar Sheela Acadmey) with no walls.. literally. I’ve been watching this school at Greater Noida for around 2 weeks – cold or rain, wind or chill.. the teacher Harendra Kumar and the kids (aged 4-13) attend school from morning wee hours till 2pm.

I spoke to them the teacher today and gathered these pics you are seeing. They have a shed to cover them but no walls to keep nature’s fury out. That’s the desperate need apart from other needs to follow. The only funds they get is from the trust – paltry INR 5000 a month!

The school is run completely on donations and is not accredited to any board etc. Mostly orphans, rag pickers and under-underprivileged kids.

Calling out all denizens out there to help the cause monetarily. It needs around 25000 bucks to get proper walls etc. I don’t have any ‘official’ medium to get them money but just via cash. If interested to help – please transfer online to me on my personal account (can only suggest on faith here and to keep things simple). Drop me a message on FB OR mail me at anupamgupta1980@gmail.com if you want to help, need account details, proof of money being paid for right cause etc or have any questions – will be happy to link up.

Once we’ve enough funds, will ask all who can – to come and give the funds to the children. I’m aiming 14th Feb 2014. What better way to celebrate valentine’s day than this? Isn’t it? :)

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