It was in 2010, we celebrated Valentine’s day with Nai Disha school at Sector 29, Noida, U.P. This year round, we celebrated it with AadharShila Academy at the community center of Sector Gamma 2, Greater Noida, U.P. Why, how? Do check out  ’Never too cold‘. The theme of their performance from 10.30 am to noon – ‘Matr Pita Diwas’ (aka Parent’s day). Not very organized or very planned, but it was wonderful to see the effort towards the cause, performance and the message being sent across.

It began with prayers offered by kids to their parents and teachers followed by showering of flowers by the elders on children to symbolize their blessings for the kids. Performance by the school girls was outstanding going by the fact they had limited time and very limited resources. Till a day before the event they weren’t sure if they’d have the dresses purchased and hence would they be able to participate or not! That however didn’t deter them to prepare. Click on the pics here to enlarge and see the joy not expressible in words.

The school consists of children of class 4 workers (daily wagers, rag pickers, street vendors, rickshaw pullers etc) and is not funded by any organization (government or non government). Solely on basis of donations, these kids are striving hard to move ahead and learn how to deal with challenges of life.

Thanks to Neelabh, Praveen, Bhanu, Hitesh, Seema, Ankit, ArchanaSushil, Team Technicion & Irfan – we bought these kids some dress materials for the 14th and a bigger function they are performing at from 27th Feb – 2nd March in Greater Noida’s city park. Also on the shopping list were the much awaited drawing books and colors along with some gifts for their performance on this year’s Republic Day function. The gifts are yet to be bought, rest all in place. And are the kids happy – oh yes they are :)

While we continue to gather funds and seek approvals from authorities to build walls and a toilet in the school – these small purchases go a long way to bring a smile.

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