Today morning, while browsing, I came upon this video where a young guy pulls a prank on his dad saying he got his girl friend (or whoever) pregnant. The father lashes out at the boy with kicks and punches on the news! Only later to be told that it was a prank.

Being the me that I am, I am aghast! Horrified! Angered!

I am given to understand we have certain “values” in this country and culture and one cannot go, have sex and get impregnated or get someone pregnant, before MARRIAGE! Apni bharatia sanskriti !

But who are we kidding? Are we really still in the age where sex is only after marriage? In a study last year, it showed that nearly 40% of our population has premarital sex. And a huge chunk of 50% refused to answer the question! (I think, if they are refusing to answer, means at least another 25% of that would have had!)

So, now that we have established that premarital sex exists in our country and culture, are there going to be no consequences…like pregnancies, abortions etc?

As a parent, does one turn a blind eye to this and pickup sticks to beat the hell out of one’s child, when confronted with this kind of situation? Or is it time that we start being forthcoming when faced with such scenarios? Why can we not really be the kind of parents who accept the changing times, and be there to accept and support our children, even in their troubled times?

Why can we not give the emotional and physical support when our child needs it the most?

The world is changing – technology, economy, political scenario, education and pretty much everything around us is changing!! When will our parents change?

More on the push-pull of bharatiya sanskriti in the next one…coz i have so much more to say!



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