Been hearing this term for quite some time now and well professing it too. In fact the conviction of speech is more than the belief of the concept. Sitting back on an arm chair, legs up, eyes closed – makes me think – really ??!!

You’ve been ‘blessed’ with a laptop, a smartphone with your office mails & communicator configured, high speed internet at home and on the go and an unsaid expectation (rather commitment) of 24×7 support. Did someone say balance sometime?

Let’s face it – gone are the times you could just call an 8 hour day a work day. With changing dynamics and the whole world getting shrinked to a conference call only – can we really afford to maintain the traditional balance? The term ‘work life balance’ is changing it’s meaning with times. You don’t need (and can’t mind it) have x hours for work ‘followed by’ y hours for home. Infact it’s not Y follows X. It’s X and Y together now. You tend to work when you are with family and indeed at work take that time out for family as well. I love making business pleasurable and don’t mind continuing business while am at a mountain savoring the nature.

It’s fine to say you need to attend chores at home in between your work day but better ensure you are ready to give your time if needed at an odd hour as well. You move up the ladder, you get more accountability and hey – no one’s going to write that down on a nice greeting card and ‘ask you’!

Stop expecting gold stars for every task achieved. We aren’t rocket scientists or life saving super human doctors that the world will do as we say only. We’re in the business of managing change, projects, setups, setbacks (lol!) et all – and that’s how life is also.. ain’t it? You do all this every minute you’re awake – isn’t it better to just hit 2 birds with the same stone and do it all the time – you’ll enjoy your work and won’t have to at times take time out for personal errands. Ofcourse this is much dependent on nature of your work. For those of us who can be mobile and need not be always physically present to get a task done – why not – mix business with pleasure..

For those still in doubt – watch ‘Devil wears Prada‘ if you haven’t already.. That’s all! ;)



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