Some out of the box thoughts by some very much in the box people.. Worth pondering upon..

Freshers who says YES to everything – Hire or not to hire?

Sitting in a panel of 4, taking interviews of ‘kids’ (aka ‘freshers’) – every single one of them ready to do what you’re going to ask them to – testing, development and maintenance projects? – “Yes Sir! I am ready to work in any of these projects”.

But do we really need these fresh hatches who say yes for everything just to get that gate pass (offer letter) and later come up with a wish list?…

Read on.. – By Shubhang Bajpai

Being Inspired 101

As a writer, whenever I sit down to write the first thing that comes to my head is “What inspired me today?” Inspiration is the golden rule of writing, isn’t it? But after having drawn a complete blank for a week continuously, I wondered where I went wrong. Either I wasn’t asking myself the right question or maybe I was just making excuses to put off the task and ignore it all together.

… Read on.. – By Shruti Singhal

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