Sitting in a panel of 4, taking interviews of ‘kids’ (aka ‘freshers’) – every single one of them ready to do what you’re going to ask them to – testing, development and maintenance projects? – “Yes Sir! I am ready to work in any of these projects”.

But do we really need these fresh hatches who say yes for everything just to get that gate pass (offer letter) and later come up with a wish list? Or we want someone who says NO I will only do X work whether you give me this job or not.

Generally we all want new hires (specially freshers) to have a flexible approach so that we can assign any projects to them and they should accept come what may. Is this a justification with the talent that a particular fresher has?

Let’s talk about the scenario in which a fresher says ‘ I want to do this’. Will you reject him because he/she is not flexible? Well in that case its best to ask that fresher to prove – that the choice they have made is because of the vast knowledge they carry in relevance and not just the charm of it.

But how many such folks really do this? Maybe a handful really. Because they always believe that if they say no, someone will say yes and they aren’t going to get that opportunity.

In another scenario what is the problem with - Yes Sir/Ma’am! kind of fresher? At least he/she is ready to get in any shape we will give him down the years once they join the organization. Solution it seems is a common training program – part of orientation in most companies which allows all new bees to prove themselves.

So what’s the final solution – Say no and choose what you want or say yes and wait for your chance to prove? Well to get an answer read my previous post (link below) and you will understand how saying YES for something you don’t like will curse your life over the years, whereas saying YES for something you really wanted to do will be challenging though down the years you will be proud on this decision.



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