As a writer, whenever I sit down to write the first thing that comes to my head is “What inspired me today?” Inspiration is the golden rule of writing, isn’t it? But after having drawn a complete blank for a week continuously, I wondered where I went wrong.

Either I wasn’t asking myself the right question or maybe I was just making excuses to put off the task and ignore it all together.

After having spent some time pondering about the dilemma, it hit me. It wasn’t about the right question or my lazy brain, it was about the perception of the word inspiration.

I believe that we, as humans, always have the tendency to over exaggerate everything. Our lives are controlled by the imaginary limbo created by fictitious novels, sci fi movies and the fantasy lands of Hogwarts or Narnia or the beautiful world of Pandora. We are people who live in a world where the occurrence of 2012, or an alien invasion won’t be too shocking because it did happen in Independence Day you know. Also if tomorrow a wolverine was to walk up to me and stick his titanium blades out from the gaps between his fingers that would be totally normal because really, Hugh Jackman trying to stick his wolverine claws in me, that’s the dream! Even if you were to look up at a snow covered peak, you would try so hard to find inspiration, that not only would you lose out on the beauty of enjoying the moment but also give up on the chance of actually finding some inspiration there. In a world where everything normal and believable is constantly challenged by our imagination, no wonder we try to look extra hard for inspiration. So whenever we ask ourselves what inspired us today, we will never find the answer because we overlook the things that do inspire in search of something greater, something more profound and sometimes, something more believable.

What is the solution then? How do we find our inspiration while walking down a street? We can’t just roam around, look at a tree swaying with the wind and try and become inspired. No, that’s not how it works either. After having wasted enough time trying to write and pondering on why I wasn’t able to, I figured this out as well. ( So much for an ideal mind is a devils workshop!) I remembered an incident from earlier that week. One of my friends was skeptic about sitting for this interview for a company in Hyderabad assuming that she wouldn’t get it. After much begging and pleading and convincing by giving all kinds of motivational talks, I managed to make her go for it. Three days later the results were announced and she got in! (big surprise) I went up to her and asked her what changed your mind? She said “You know, I almost believed I wouldn’t get in. But then i realized, the only fear I had was of not getting in and this assumption, that I had led my self to believe contradicted it thus dismissing the notion of fear. So in my head, I didn’t really have anything to lose now, did I?”

And then I understood. Becoming inspired is as simple as a math equation. Its substituting and equating two simple non-relatable things which when put together crack the code for us. The secret to being inspired is : Whenever you find yourself in a situation which frightens you, constricts your throat leaving you gasping for breath, and gets your adrenaline pumping, instead of letting that fear control you, instead of being frightened, be inspired instead.  Don’t wait for a mutant to show up or the two for joys to fly around your head. Find your moment, and instead of letting the fear grip you, let it inspire you instead. It could be the simple fear of not making it in the world or a more complex one as being fired from your job. Don’t hesitate, don’t give up, breathe, get inspired and then, well, repeat, what else?

P.S- And in case you were wondering, the fear of having you wonderful people never find out the awesomeness that I am is what inspired me to write for you! :

Have an inspiring day today.

And no, don’t get yourselves in a car accident or jump off a cliff to look for inspiration. That’s really not what I mean here. :D



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