The first time you smoked, you must have thought that it is a part of growing up, to try and experience new things. You went to a shop and asked for a cigarette, pressed it between your lips, lit it and took the first drag thinking that this is nothing serious. You enjoyed the smell, looked at the smoke coming out of your mouth and nose, coughed once or twice and

I’m sure you must have felt really cool about it!

You surely didn’t imagine that this stick of joy, consisting of tobacco, nicotine and tar will become a part of your life. Your trial would turn into a fatal attraction!

This generation’s youth truly believe in a saying – “You Live Only Once”, hence you should try everything! Do everything before you die, very true. So you smoke and drink when you are happy, as it is celebration time. You do the same when you are tensed. You also do this when you are bored. Well, if smoking or drinking alcohol can help you solve your problem, why can’t drinking a glass of milk or juice do it? Or maybe chewing a gum or having a bar of chocolate?

This habit of smoking in every hour or getting indulged into binge drinking every day is called nothing, but addiction. In no time so many of us have unknowingly turned into addicts, and makes one susceptible to lung cancer and also triggers chances of cervical cancer and breast cancer in women.

Yes! You are a very strong person, but have you ever thought what all your loved ones and your kin and kiths will go through if you get affected by any of these deadly diseases? Do think about it, at least imagine it once. Quitting is not a child’s play; you need to be extremely strong to give up addictions. It’s a time taking process but worthy, just try not smoking and drinking for a few days and observe your own face, you will find a different shine on it. Get addicted to anti-oxidant foods and beverages like green tea instead! You can give reasons to stay addicted, but there are many more reasons to quit these habits. You got one life, so why not live it in a healthy way? Getting rid of such habits won’t only benefit your health but will also be pocket friendly, as it will add on to your savings!! And lastly, what have you ever done to truly make your parents and family truly happy and inspired?

This one change in you can help bring so much of positive changes in and around you, so why not try it once, because “You Live Only Once”.

Think.. think and think again.


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