I’m redoing what I did in ‘Unplugged’ here but oh well – so be it. Agent Smith asks Mr Anderson if he can hear the sound of the inevitable (aka death) when he pins him down on the rail track. Our hero corrects him to say that is name is ‘Neo’, gets him smacked up on the tunnel ceiling and walks away.

Oh well.. snap back to real life.. again – wish we humans could just walk away from the inevitable like Neil does throughout the flick (well if you’ve not yet identified it – I’m referring to ‘The Matrix’). Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just say “no I’m not ready and planned to die just yet” when it comes knocking down the door? No hassles of insurance policies, future investments, emotions, hassels, will, inheritance mess et all.

Wakey wakey – it’s just not possible! So don’t go down that dream track. So what is possible?

Well, like our office projects – we have to work on a mitigation plan and some of us do it really well. From getting pure term insurance (amount atleast 10 times your current annual income) to ensuring all our running debts are insured (house, vehicle, personal, education etc) – there’s lot to cover up for. If you’ve got assets in your name specially immovable – it’s good to have nominees identified and wills written. In our Indian society doing all this is tough – whom to name as nominee and who not, to write a will and not etc etc – raises eyebrows and well just plain avoided most times.

What’s above is about the non living assets one had.. the tough stuff is when it comes to the living ones. I’ve been surprised how folks change and that too dramatically post demise of a person – hey someone died for God’s sake & is gone for good.. seldom I’ve seen people getting into the expected depressed mode.. that exists for a few days, weeks may be or max a month – what works in the subconscious is what all is whose and how much etc. Sad.. very sad. If there’s life beyond life – I’m sure all those spirits would be so so sad.. Nope none would be inspired, no sir!

What prompts me to write this article are the 2 unfortunate deaths I saw in last 10 days in my neighborhood and extended family. This brought back memories of similar experiences I had some years ago in my immediate family.

Life has it’s ways they say.. but the one beyond is full of blunt truth and reality as well.

Leaving you with some food for your thoughts,


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