Deogarh is set in an attractive, undulating landscape with water courses and small hills in the heart of Jharkhand.

Oh, Hi! I am Varsha Agarwal, a Retail Merchandising Manager in the luxury segment. This is my way of saying how beautiful and serene nature is and a message – that we must save nature and thus save earth. Deoghar is a Hindi word and the literal meaning of ‘Deoghar’ is abode (‘ghar’) of the Gods and Goddesses (‘dev’). We arrived into Deogarh on a Sunday morning at the nearest railway station – Jesidh. As soon as we got off the station, there was an old man who offered to carry our luggage to the outside autorickshaw. Since we were new to the place the autorickshaw wala took us to various hotels – we finally landed up at one of the hotels near Baidyanath Mandir, which is one of the 12 jyotirlings. At around 10PM, after a heavy and filling breakfast, we left for the temple.

The most impressive thing I thought that was there was the fact that the autowalla dropped us at a point away from the mandir and asked us to walk through it. In a small city, almost a village, people can be civilized to understand the way in which they are to walk and drive through the patli patli galis. As we have all heard and experienced that the dear Pandas in all these places hook on to you, it was no different for us. We finally agreed for one of them to take us around. Thank God we took him with us, otherwise, we would have missed the serenity of Deogarh.

Through the iron gates and walkways we neared the mandir. OMG!!! Such a small room and not a place to enter. He got us to enter with force. Inside we saw such a small shivling, which was surrounded by the Pandits to protect it. And, as it is popular to offer water and milk over on shivling, everyone carried it to offer. By the time we came out, we were all wet with water. The Pandit who took us around, took us to the other Parvati Mandir, which was even better than the Shankar Mandir. I did the darshan and came out immediately. And he got us to take the big fat kharcha from us for the darshans. We came back to the auto and  asked the autowalla to drop us to the hotel. He said, “Kya sahab, Deogarh aaye aur Tirkuti nahi dekha to kya dekha?”. We agreed for him to take us to Tirkuti, about 30 kms away from Deogarh but what a beautiful place. The road from Deogarh to Tirikuti – our dear Delhi-Gurgaon NH8 expressway is no where close (in regards to the smoothness of the road).

On our way, the autowalla kept showing us the mountain which was called Tirkuti…. And we had to get there through the cable car. He dropped us at the drop point and asked us to walk to their office to buy the tickets of the cable car. So many monkeys….ooommmmpppphhh…. But did not get to you unless you had something to eat in your hands. We bought the tickes for just INR 100/- and waited for the cable car. What a steep cable car, felt almost as something was taking us behind but the cable car went at it’s speed to hit the destination, The Tirkuti.

The guide told us that this is the same place where Ram, Sita and Laxman stayed before Sita was taken away by Ravan.

We even saw that there were 2 huge mountains in the shape of the monkey.

Unbelievable Nature. He showed us where Sita lit the diya before she taken by Ravan.

The huge big mountains amidst the serenity of nature, covered with fog. A place which I would like to revisit every year. Rejuvenation! Oh I wish I could stay there forever. How could I miss this – he showed us the Shaligram and asked us to climb up. Since I was with my father who is a heart patient, I did not take a chance. But one day I would love to revisit the place, to rejuvenate and refresh and to climb up the Shaligram. On our way back to the drop point, I had the purest ganne ka juice… The taste was just something else – I drank 2 glasses and wanted more. The next thing I eyed upon was the bhutta. The minute the lady gave me the bhutta and I turned and the next minute I saw a monkey approaching me and I just bowled the bhutta to him and like a good fielder, he caught it off guard and ran away. Now since the autowalla got us to this beautiful place, he also offered to take us to another place.

On the way, we saw the huge solar electricity plant – upon arrival at the second location (which I am missing the name of), we saw a huge group of langurs following our auto and got on our auto. I was scared to death and asked the autowalla to immediately take us out of here. Finally he heard me and got us to the hotel. My heart was throbbing hard because of the dear langurs, but the most strange thing that I found in Deogarh was, being in the auto the whole day and travelling distances we did not feel tired at all. In fact it was just so refreshing and pure.

We came back to Delhi through Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani and met this person, who does projects and R & D on the Indian Railways. He gave us such important information about Indian Railways, which was quite educative. Will never forget this trip and would want to map this together more and more times.

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