When no one cares about your passion, but you do!
When someone tells you what to do and what not to do!

When you perceive those words as care and undo,
Remember you have lost your soul somewhere,
As the calling of your soul is yours and no one Else’s business to do!

Spread your wings and aim for the goal,
even if its the journey and not the destination that’s more!

For the one who loves you will let you fly,
reach for the stars and aim high!For that one; will be a part of your soul,
He/She will be the anchor to who you can hold,
when the winds get wild and you get lost,
remember to dream, remember to start!

For the dreams are many and you have to live them all,
The world will show you hurdles and but you gotta break the wall!

We live once and we dance with our soul,
No dream not lived, is a moment not told!

Break the invisible chains that clutch your dreams,
make your life, the way you have always seen!Make it reality for no moment should be hasted,
For life is a journey and experience is a taste that should not be wasted!
So hold your heart and promise to yourself,
It will be just you and your soul and moments to live and tell!

With Love – Garima Arora

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