Below are the lyrics of one of my songs– Control. Audio coming soon … Till then, stay tuned

Starts right up there
Starts in your mind
With a hunch
That grows into a phrase
Grows into phrases

Create Stories
Actions, In-actions

Creates excuses or inspiration
Barrier or Freedom
You Control it all
Makes a leader
Or a victim
Or different variations
Stories do it all

The force of it gets us all
Mighty as it may look
Started darn tiny and small
As a tiny mud or
A positive spark
Small enough to overlook
Mind does it all

Creates mountain from a mole
You control it all
Are you the one
Who takes care
Or the one who needs to be
Taken care of

Are you the one who chooses
Your conditioning
Or the one who
Gets conditioned
Expressing good
Expressing big
Is the feeling of living
We all long for

You control it all. You control it all



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