You’ve been there and you’ve done that. You’ve driven your spaceship floor down, you’ve had your days (rather nights) when you drank your heart out and you’ve travelled the world over. Gadgets don’t excite you any more – a 2.3 GHz processor is same as maybe a 4 GHz one, iPhone 6 works just the same as a cheap Samsung for you. Eating out at a dhaba brings same satisfaction (or lack of it) as it’ll when you feast out at a Mainland China.

What’s wrong? Have you attained nirvana? Are the days of getting excited over. Well for some the above point to the days ahead – where the real excitement begins.

The worldly pleasures sparsely mentioned above have their charm to an extent and why not. The adrenaline rush when the turbo takes over or the heart beat raising thump of those BOSE speakers are sure meant to get you on a high.

However it really doesn’t matter much beyond a stage. That stage comes soon for some and much later or never for many. Guess one has to taste the fruits to give up on some of them.

The monk they say sold his Ferrari – I believe he got bored of it and not just felt kind hearted suddenly :)

Moving beyond the worldly pleasures ain’t easy but once you do it’s bliss. Don’t be stupid to give up needs (very self defined), but be wise to not run after that phone upgrade every 6 months or those alloys every 2 years. There’s much more to life – the world is open with so many places to visit and see and hey – you don’t need those expensive Timberlands always to traverse. A hitch hike with a backpack can be more fulfilling than a cruise and business class travel.

The pleasure of being deserted overrules the danger which accompanies it. The silence of your porch is at times louder than those Skull candy phones you donned proudly till few years ago :)

One must unplug, to plug back into life.

And well it comes to me now or rather just begins. Cheers to this stage of life. I guess it’s called middle age?


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