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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lost in the Clouds: Binsar   

Last weekend the moderators of BCMTouring rode out, the inspiration to ride to the hills during monsoon was provided by the Pune and Bangalore guys, thank you people!
We rode to Binsar, a small wildlife sanctuary located in the heart of Kumaon, just 20 odd kilometres from Almorah.   


 Met Salil at the 12-22 sector junction in Noida at 0345 hours on Saturday morning, by 0400 hours we were on the NH24, heading towards Hapur bypass.Its 0600 am, we are approaching Moradabad bypass, damn that itch to smoke, took a 10 minute stop for tea and ciggies. The worn out AGV visor gets nice cleanup job, back to the highway. Newly constructed 6 lanes, hit the ton for the first time during this trip!  

Rampur crossed, pot holes showup in numbers, dont want to slow down, keep the throttle at 90kmph, next thing we have crossed Bilaspur and heading to Haldwani.
0800 hours, reach Haldwani, made good time to cross ~270 kms in 4 hours flat! Salil complains of a rear tire wobble, rear axle bearing expires, we replace it. 2 hours down the drain along with a lot of sweat, humidity touching 90%!   


Greenery all around, blissful tramac, inviting twisties, Salil tries to shoot a running video and stops immediately, its monsoon, I discover SunilG’s riding jacket which I mooched off is not waterproof! Beautiful monsoon vistas at Bhimtal, go trail hunting before crossing the crowded junction at Bhowali and racing towards Almorah.   

One of the best hill roads in the country, pegs kiss the tarmac before the speedo clips the ton mark, the new Dunlop 100/90 rocks – Almora crossed.
On the Bageshwar road, spot several Israelis, mostly women (two hotties).. smelling marijuana in the air! Whether to stay in Binsar or outside, dillema and some more, we reach the Sanctuary gate. Figured that cheaper rooms at KMVN(Rs.600 double bed) are available. Serpentile forest road, lots of photography stops. 


Picture-perfect Binsar Mahadev temple on the way, click click click! Forests look like tropical rain forests, moss on the road and the trees. Occupy a double bed in the KMVN and head to the terrace to enjoy the view. Someone said, zero point, sunset… rush to the place to watch the sunset, spellbounding vistas again!   



 Salil wakes me up at 0500 hours, irritated and sleepy…light up a smoke! Its raining outside, stops in 10 minute…clouds play around Binsar till we left the KMVN at 0800 hours. Riding down with the clouds and the moss filled forest…lots in thoughts and desire to capture the moments…take almost 2 hours to reach Almorah!  


Its raining hard…the new Dunlop is worth its salt…take turns at 60kmph..Salil advises to slow down..accepted! As the road opens up..forget the advise, 8000 rpm …truck loads of fun…waiting for Salil at Bhowali.
Back on the plains, speedo needle hovers at 90 kmph..cross Moradabad bypass… a cop stops us…asks for bribe..alleged overspeeding. Bargain the price .. 100 bucks each..disgusted ..speed some more! Reach home to find Manik(manik058), Sandy and Eric(popsha) partying..DJ(Devil.DJ) joins in later..Fosters it is…asleep and content!   

Total Distance: ~800 kms
Fuel Average: ~50kmpl





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