Hi friends I’m Gourab, very much passionate to explore places on my bike. I have toured many places in south coz I’m from Bangalore but this was my first trip in North India so was thrilled to ride on the northern roads and highways in and around Delhi.Well the plan was something else before visiting Agra – it was Rishikesh or Shimla but as time changes plans change as well. The gang was supposed to be more in number but it landed to 3 finally who were determined to go !
So what if there are only 3? If you have passion for biking and touring you can go till the extent so we went. Let me introduce my gang members – Ravi, Bose & myself(Gourab).

10-12 Oct 09

We had plans to leave delhi by 0430 hrs but our dear friend Anirudha (referred usually & popularly by his last name ‘Bose Babu’) was as usual late – whether it is office or tour – he dropped in by 0500hrs at my house and we started where Ravi was already waiting near Ashram in Delhi. We tanked up our bikes and started our journey i.e. destination Agra. On NH2 there are no words to describe the roads. We rode for almost 30 kms and came to a halt for 15 mins coz of our friends’ addiction for cigars.

Post the cigar session, we did not stop anywhere till we reached Kosi to have breakfast at around 0730 hrs at a local Dhaba for Paranthas!!!

Ravi is the guy in the grey jacket, Anirudha – one in the middle and I’m the red one.

We started the journey again and gave the camera to Ravi to take some nature snaps and we got these. LOL !!!

On the way we took many snaps. We were nearing Agra but we got a diversion directing us towards Fatehpur Sikhri – it was NH3 – ohh Gosh is that a road? Full of potholes and our Bose babu tried all sorts of stunts – he tried to cross a road which was filled with mud and stones and more over with cattle crossing the same like local pedestrians !

Finally we reached our destination at 1100 hrs and got a glimpse of Fatehpur Sikhri – there are no words to describe the place. I know many people from Delhi might have been there already but it was my first time there and it was just awesome !!!

After the visit we had a drinks break (shikanji) and moved towards Agra. It was almost afternoon and slowly our tummies were also asking for fuel. We found a Hotel and to our surprise that it had a bar as well !! Our Bose babu and Ravi were on Cloud # 9 to get a sip of some hot drinks with Tandoori – by the time we left it was 1630 hrs and it was cloudy as well.

Finally we reached the Taj where we deposited our bag and helmets in locker rooms. We saw the queue to buy tickets but it was something like movie tickets which are even sold in black – as usual we bargained and went in.

WOW!!!! I was just stunned by the way it was built coz I have seen it on paper, internet and news but seeing it in real now – the experience is something different. We captured as many snaps as possible in different angles and textures.

We suddenly realised that there’s one more fort left to visit. i.e. Agra Fort which was closed by that time.

Now again the plan changed (we planned to stay back) but Ravi had some important work and he had to leave for Delhi. We gave him company till the start point of NH2.

Bose and I searched for some lodges and finally got one. We were very much tired – the moment we reached we were flat on beds. We even forgot that we did not have dinner – damn at 2200 hrs we went in search of food and found one and only ‘Chandni Bar’. It’s not the movie friends it’s the name of the restaurant. LOL !!!
The next day we woke up fresh and left for Agra fort by 0800 hrs. This was just awesome like the Taj and the construction was also amazing.

We had brunch, took some Petha from Panchi Petha as advised by Anupam and moved towards Mathura, Vrindavan. We were welcomed with thick sand as well as the climate was getting too hot – I was thinking when I can remove the riding jacket.

We took a break near a tea shop and to our surprise we came to know that there are 5500 temples in Brindavan. Oh man!!! We saw few temples and moved towards Mathura – birth place of Lord Krishna. It was almost evening – we had some Lassi and again we set out for NH2. Slowly it was getting dark, however I had maintained a speed of 80-90 kph and our all time favorite Bose babu felt sleepy and automatically closed his eyes while riding pillion !

Bose how do you manage???

We took another tea break in a Dhaba and rode towards Delhi – we reached by 2130 hrs. Our faces in the mirror seemed like some one had smeared them with charcol !

But v 3 rocked the tour without any problem to and fro. Thanks to Bose and Ravi for my first successful trip in Delhi.

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